What John's Clients Say

"In just 2 days working with our senior management team John guided us to understand the key drivers of our own personalities and then facilitated the steps we needed to take to ensure that we could take our effectiveness as a leadership team up a level. John's common sense approach and real world knowledge enabled us to build a practical and actionable road map with the necessary tools to manage and understand the need for constant review and fine tuning of our Corporate Strategy in todays business world. We felt as if we'd known John for 20+ years and that he somehow had specific insights into the fundamentals in our industry and the specific issues we faced as a team. John very quickly became to us the trusted advisor we work so diligently to become for our own clients!" Mike Wilson – COO of OBM International

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"John Peck and his team have carried out some superb work with both our Exec Team and our Board of Trustees. This highly interactive work has resulted in an improved understanding of each others’ roles and responsibilities resulting in some clear objectives for the future of the Trust. John has been instrumental in reshaping and refocussing our Exec Team and Board of Trustees, which we would never have been able to achieve on our own. We would like to thank John for all his support!"  Jane Gurney –
Chief Executive Officer Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust

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Working with leaders
John Peck helps leaders understand how they can enable and truly engage those they lead in order to stretch the boundaries of their potential way beyond their normal frame of thinking. Above all, John helps leaders to take their teams on adventures which make work more challenging, fun, inspirational and ultimately rewarding.

Working with teams
Whether working with expedition teams in the field, or corporate teams in the workplace, John Peck works closely with groups of individuals and their leaders to inspire and achieve quite extraordinary results.

Working with Individuals
As a highly experienced coach and mentor, John Peck fearlessly breaks the rules to encourage and inspire those he works with to continually raise their standards and face up to their challenges. Combining his knowledge of sports psychology and his life experience of extraordinary adventure, John is able to help people to achieve new and exciting high levels of achievement in the workplace.

Working with large audiences
John is well known for his ability to inspire and re-energise large audiences of people. He is a renowned speaker often in demand at conferences and corporate ‘kick off events’.

'I'd like to thank you for the work you and your team have done for us this last fortnight. You delivered exactly what I was hoping for. I feel that we have moved the team forward a long way and that I do now have a group that wants to be led and wants to be part of a successful business (which has therefore achieved in 4 working days what we haven't really managed in the previous 9 months!).'

The work you did with us has proved to be transformational and we are busily working on keeping building momentum.


'A really memorable two day journey, both physically and mentally, that created real unity in the group and laid a great foundation for kick-starting our new strategic initiative.'


" John Peck is the reason I am as happy, and as successful as I am today. His training is of the highest standard, and has been an inspiration to me (sometimes without knowing I think!) over the past 12 months. Everybody that shared the Bravehearts leadership programme with me all came to the same conclusion:

Not only does he listen, and make time for every single one of the people that talk to him, but he connects with them in a unique way.

  Latest News
John Peck was invited to BBC Radio Essex to comment on Charlie Pitcher's attempt to beat the world record as a solo Trans Atlantic ocean rower.
John speaks on his own experiences...
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JP meeting Stuart Aarons Public Relations Officer The Institute of Directors after sell out speaking event at the IOD ...more>

"Just wanted to say thank you for delivering and absolutely unforgettable presentation yesterday. You were definitely the star of the show and ‘brought the house down’".

"I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to speak, giving your time to do this, giving us such a mind-blowingly superb presentation and sharing so much wisdom, not to mention your wonderful spirit of adventure!"